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A realistic alternative to a healthier lifestyle.


More Walking

The ideal form of exercise for those just starting out. At any age/fitness level; it's good for your heart, your head and your wallet. Read More


More Weight Training

Lifting weights goes way beyond getting buff. You burn fat, reduce your risk of diabetes, prevent back pain and even help you fight depression. Stay strong, burn calories, and build healthy bones. Read More


More Water

If you don’t drink water, you will die. It's that important. Water is essential for the proper circulation of nutrients in the body. Are you getting enough fluids to stay healthy? Read More


More White Fish

Fish is among the healthiest foods on the planet. Eating White Fish improves blood pressure, lowers cholesterol and reduces weight. Read More


If you are always in an unhealthy state, have gotten out once or twice only to have gotten back in, you should start to reduce these.


No White Sugars

The AHA has raised concerns about sugar's role in obesity, diabetes, and ultimately heart health. Rather than processed foods loaded with refined sugars. Try choosing all-natural fruit juices or sugar-free beverages.
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No White Rice

People who eat lots of white rice may significantly raise their risk of developing type 2 diabetes. In addition to its high carbohydrate content, rice also has a high glycemic index. High glycemic index foods significantly increase your blood sugar levels. Read More


No White Fats

Not all body fat is the same. White fat promotes heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and many other metabolic diseases. You generate white fat by consuming too many calories and expending too few calories.
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No White Flour

White flour is really nothing more than refined carbohydrates and can contribute to obesity. White flour causes your body to scream through the ride of a sugar high/low roller coaster. Read More